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Dog Fortress doodle spam, sorry not sorry. I totally neglected Engie and Soldier, I feel bad :’D I love poodle Spy tho. They’re such devious and intelligent dogs, and so fun to draw!

 I imagine between Demoman’s and Scout’s barking, and Pyro’s constant howling and strange whimpers, Medic doesn’t get much sleep. Sniper’s there to tell them to shut up tho.


Dog Fortress 2! I spent a lot of time deciding on which breeds to use…I even made a chart and had Shota look over it :’D

Support - Spy: Standard Poodle *snort* - Medic: Weimaraner - Sniper: Australian Koolie

Offence - Soldier: American Pitbull - Pyro: Dalmation - Scout: American Foxhound

Defence - Heavy: Central Asian Shepherd - Engineer: Red Lacy - Demoman: Scottish Deerhound

Still not sure on Scout or Engineer…I wanted a fast and slim American dog, but most of those kinds of breeds I know are European. And still can’t decide on either a Labrador or a Red Lacy (a breed from Texas) for Engie :’D I know poodles are German in origin, but how can Spy not be a poodle. He can hide knives in his giant hair and be *glamorous*